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We are group of professionals having technological expertise which resolves your problems with the help of information technology tools. Our expertise are in the field of Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Control systems, software, Automation, Acoustics, Noise and vibration, Agricultural technologies development, Renewable energy & Meany more..

Instrumentation & software services Provider

Mimic Infotech Pvt Ltd is Pune Based Instrumentation & software services Provider Company.

We provide instrumentation and software service for test & measurement Systems to support following industries

  • Production automation
  • Process instrumentation
  • Field Instrumentation
  • Process Data Acquisition
  • Report generation
  • IoT based Data Acquisition
  • Remote monitoring
  • OPC Servers
  • Process Controllers.

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We provide following services ...


There are several basic components to any well-designed human machine interface. It must be intuitive for the operator. The better the system communicates with the operator, the better the system. In order for the system to communicate it must be user-friendly. The system must represent virtually every condition and sub routine of the process. A good alarming structure must also exist to alert operators via alarm message banners and graphical object animations to get the attention whenever necessary. For more information about our human machine interface services and more, give us a call today!


Modern-day industrial processes generate a wealth of measurements: signals carrying information on process variables such as reactor temperatures, pumped fluid pressures, product chemical content, and many more. In this ocean of data, valuable information resides which can be harnessed to maintain and improve the efficiency of processing systems. The Process Monitoring group’s research activities include the development of new process measurement systems (e.g. using image data to determine the efficiency of certain mineral processing units); research on novel methods with which to extract informative features from process data; and investigation into data-driven approaches for root cause analysis of abnormal behavior on process plants. The Process Monitoring group aims to marry industry needs with cutting edge academic insight, with the Centre for Process Monitoring serving as a valuable connection in this Endeavour. Techniques employed include image processing, statistical learning and process modelling, while research on soft sensor development is often supported by experimental investigation.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is about to transform the next decade. Literally everything will be connected to everything. Some estimate that 50 billion devices will be IoT-connected by 2020. The clock on the connected device transition is ticking very loudly. we are focusing on the emergence of IoT in the world of automation.


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